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About Industrial Automaton

Post by Bob Stryder on Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:44 pm

Industrial Automaton is one of the first and best droid producers in the galaxy. With our broad range of droids we try to supply and satisfy the galaxy as much as it needs.

Industrial Automaton, IA for short, is a Nationalized Faction and leading droid manufacturer of the New Republic. Recently merged with Triton Dynamics, one of the two oldest droid factions in the galaxy, IA has successfully increased its manpower and resources to become a bigger and even better droid manufacturer. With a long history and experience with making the best droids, IA is able to provide the public and the NR and its allies with the highest quality droids the galaxy can offer.

To maintain its position Industrial Automaton is always looking for dedicated workers in many areas. Managers who organize the complex enterprise, pilots who are making sure supplies are available and the precious cargo is delivered safely, builders for developing a good infrastructure, and security personnel who make undisturbed work for the others possible, all equally contribute to IA's success. If you are interested in a career with nice possibilities and a comfortable working climate you should apply to Industrial Automaton.

IA is under the ownership of the New Republic Government. Therefore our Droids are only available to New Republic members, Allies and neutral groups.

We offer a variety of first quality droids, mostly consisting out of astromechs. The original R2 is the most famous astromech and very handy to have aboard any type of ship, it can repair almost everything. The more durable R4 is more of an allround droid so more helpful on a different terrain. And the R5 which is designed specifically for the New Republic. For more information, please see our products pages.

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