The New Republic Trade Ban And IFF List

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The New Republic Trade Ban And IFF List

Post by Bob Stryder on Mon May 05, 2014 4:03 pm

Trade Ban

-Black Sun
--Galactic Smuggling Exchange
--Hyrotii Corporation

--Mytaranor Slaving Council
--Smugglers Guild

-Galactic Empire
--Cloud City
--Corellian Engineering Corporation
--Kuat Drive Yards
--Kuat Systems Engineering
--Magnaguard Manufacturing
--Myorzo Weapon Systems

-Ailon Nova Guard

-Black Sword Fleet

-CorDuro Shipyards

-The Freemasons


-The Confederacy of Independent Systems

Identify Friend/Foe (IFF) List
Soon to be updated by RDC

Friendly - GA

-Chalcedon Dominion

-Falleen Federation
--Falleen Resource Contracts
--Falleen Naval Contracts
--Galindas Exports

-New Republic
--Corellian Transport Services
--Incom Corporation
--Industrial Automaton
--JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
--Kerdos Company
--Merr-Sonn Technologies
--NogaTa Industries
--Rebel Alliance
--Republic Medical
--Ubrikkian Industries

-New Republic Private Sector Affiliates
--Arkanian Trade Syndicate
--Baobab Merchant Fleet
--FreiTek, Incoporated
--Keer Mining
--Phoenix Recycling Corporation
--SarShen Spaceworks
--The Talost Nightwatch

-Rogue Squadron
--Nova Industries
--Red Star Mining
--Sorosuub Corp

-The Jedi Order

-The Krath Dynasty
--Koros Spaceworks
--Minos-Mestra Munitions
--Order of Krath
--Smugglers Alliance
--InterGalactic Banking Clan

-Tresario Star Kingdom
--Bounty Hunters Guild
--Tresario Mining Authority

-Triumvirate Coalition
--Triumvirate Mining Corporation
--Triumvirate Security Force
--Triumvirate Space Technologies

-The Pentastar Alignment

- Infinite Empire

Just Friendly

-Renegade Inc

--Outer Rim Excavations
--Independent Enterprises

-Terra Stryker Industries
--Bothan Media Services

Neutral (NAP or less)

--Arkhan Heavy Industries
--Avance Coalition
--Alpha Medical Corps
--Black Dust Industries
--Czerka Corporation
--Golan Technologies
--Rendili Stardrive
--The Jensaarai
--The Wraiths
--Ayervon Recycling Enterprises
--Centrepoint Space Station (NAPed!)
--Centrepoint Mining
--Chiss Material Extractions
--Intergalactic Bank (Formerly Galactic Bank)
--Malakia Incorporated (M-Inc)
--Creshaldyne Industries
--Drax Industries
--Nakesh Alliance Extractions
--Uukaablis Trans-Systems
--Sienar Technologies
--Sienar Extractions

-The Way (NAPed!)
-Tion Hegemony
--Nikklon Mining Incorporated
-Trade Federation
--Baktoid Armour Workshop
--Commerce Guild
--Dorinian Military Corps
--Starsign Shipyards
--Techno Union
-Trade Federation Affiliates
--Corporate Alliance
--Confederate Recycling Company
--D`Este Realty
--Haor Chall Engineering
--MedTech Industries
--Stars` End Mining Company
--The Order of Kampar
-Tytus Escorting Inc
--Starsign Mining


-Black Sun
*Onyx Spaceworks
*Black Star Recycling

*Shoki Shoen
*Loronar Corporation

-Eidola Pirates
--Mytaranor Slaving Council
--Smugglers Guild

-Galactic Empire
--Cloud City
--Imperial Resource Medical
--Kuat Drive Yards
--Kuat Systems Engineering
--Sienar Fleet Systems
--Magnaguard Manufacturing
--Myorzo Weapon Systems
--Paradox Resource Exploration
--Corellian Engineering Corporation
-Ketarian Mining Incorporated

Neutral [No Relations and/or Care advised]

-Alderaan Mining Corporation
-Askajian Habringers
-Aurora Tech
-Confederacy of Independent Systems
-Courier Communications - (dissolved day 230)
-Cygnus Spaceworks
-Federation of Free Alliances
--eXiles Intragalactic Lithology
-Akheton Mining Corporation (Jenos owns, part of FFA)
--Akheton Transportation Services
--Akheton Vehicle Corporation upset this lot at your peril, from me, not them too
-Heirs of Ziost (not officially)
-Maelstrom Industrial Salvage
-Tion Mil/Sci Industries
-Galactic Tabloid Publications
-Guri-n Krayt
-Hapes Consortium
--Endara Mining Corporation
--Olanji Corporation
--MandalTech just don't do anything silly
-Kalev Biological Engineering - Dissolved yr 11 day 242
-Knights of the Fountain
-Meridius-Allari Engineering Corp
-Onyx Excavations
-Order of Kiyorath Dhin
-Order of the Progenitor
-Outland Mining Corporation
-Paradigm Laboratories
-Pulsar Recycling
-Raptor Pirates
-Santhe Corporation
-SYT Transport
-Tapani Starship Cooperative
-The Damned (don't exist anymore, this is their old group, only reason they're under here)
--Bounty Hunter Alliance
--Centurion Arms
--Endara Reclaim Industries
--Jah Unubunko
--The Kobola
-B`omarr Order
-The Exchange
-The Freeholders
-The Hutt Cartel
-Red Forge Extractions
-Tenloss Syndicate
--Vyzerod Mining
-Zone Supplies Limited
-Galacian Mining Corporation
-Stark Collective
-Anzatan Commonwealth
--Cerberus Corporation
--Kathol Mining Corporation
--Outback Industries
--Rothana Heavy Works
--Rothana Industries
--Rothana Metal Works
--Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks
-Umbrella Corporation
-Kagada Corporation

--Cybot Galactica

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