ASP-707 Droid

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ASP-707 Droid

Post by Bob Stryder on Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:26 pm

Weight: 0.2300 T
Volume: 1.8 m³

Volume Cap: 1.0 m³
Party Slot Size: 1.00

Batch Quantity: 1

Party Slot Size: 1.00

Hull: 50
Deflector Shields: 0
Ionic Capacity: 42


The ASP-707 has a humanoid-like skeletal frame that is cast in a metallic-grey alloy. Its joint and pivot points are simple and are left in plain sight, which makes the saying, "what you see is what you get," true with the ASP droids. The limbs of the unit are powered by hydraulics that are quite strong, which also helps to make the ASP perfect cargo handlers of small loads. The unit's head contains an elementary cognitive module, a single photoreceptor in human range, and two auditory sensors.
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