FA-4 Pilot Droid

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FA-4 Pilot Droid

Post by Bob Stryder on Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:25 pm

Weight: 0.0800 T
Volume: 0.8000 m³

Party Slot Size: 1.00

Batch Quantity: 2

Party Slot Size: 1.00

Hull: 35
Deflector Shields: 0
Ionic Capacity: 30


Designed a few decades before the fall of the Old Republic, the FA-4 pilot is not a typical astromech droid, but rather it is even able to pilot a ship autonomously; provided it has a little guidance. While the FA-4 fails most combat tests miserably, it is able to pilot any type of starship, from the smallest fighter to the largest capital ship, and follow the vessel's pre-programmed flight path until its destination is reached. The FA-4 can perform the basic functions of ship piloting, but is in no way as efficient as a seasoned pilot.
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